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A Message of Praise and Hope

November 28, 2013 | By | No Comments



In David’s prayer, IISamuel 7:18-29, he begins with an attitude of gratitude. He is overwhelmed by God’s grace in his life. He praises the greatness of God. There is none like God. There is only one God and He is the God of Israel. So, David thanks God for what He has done in his own life and in the life of Israel. He blesses God and prays for the continued blessing of God on his own house forever.

As we examine what God has done for us today through His Son Jesus, as we try to comprehend the magnitude of what God has done for us through our Savior, our hearts overflow with love and thanksgiving that we are redeemed from death and the eternal wrath of God to intimacy and love as His people. Our houses are blessed by the glory of His Presence. We will know His favor forever. The Eternal One has promised and guaranteed us victory over the temporary tragedies and heartaches of life. We have His peace now and eternally as one He loves in His family, accepted and approved as His child, destined with purpose and meaning in His plan of salvation. In Him we know we have value and worth. We are one with our Father and His Son.

One of the powerful and life impacting truths from David’s prayer and Jesus’ prayer in John 17 is the revelation knowledge that God has a purpose and plan for us centered in Jesus Christ. Out of this sovereignty of God we breathe hope everlasting. We have the hope of glory in Christ Jesus. In God’s hope and love we can face anything the world throws at us. We have confidence that no matter the struggles and tribulations of this life, we have our inheritance in heaven, secured by the blood of Jesus, sealed by the Holy Spirit in covenant with the living God.

Truly, as individuals, as families, and as His people we are blessed beyond measure. Let us praise Him and give Him thanks for all He has done for us in Jesus. Let us rise above the sarcasm and despair of a world dark and dead in sin. For Jesus has given us life, abundant life for now and forever. In this spirit of praise, let our hearts rejoice in love and gratitude to God, the One true and Only God, the Father of Jesus Christ and God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David.

I thank God for you and the blessings of being family, one in Christ Jesus, in His love and our love together. We are one as the Father and Son are one. We love as They love, because He lives in us. May we rejoice together on this Thanksgiving Day 2013.

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