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A Prophetic Word for Christmas

December 14, 2013 | By | No Comments

What many believers do not connect with the Christmas Season is that it concerns the return of Jesus Christ, which is what Advent means, the coming of Christ. This applies to His first and second comings. Beverly and I have both received a prophetic word concerning Jesus’ return, Israel, the Middle east and the world. 

Did you know that the Middle East is blanketed in snow, some like Egypt for the first time in a hundred years? God is sending His signs to stir up His disciples to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus Christ, just as He did with John the Baptist.

Did you know that as Europe entered the Age of Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, then moved into the Industrial Age, a great cry arose for the liberation of mankind from injustice and oppression? Out of this world wide need for man’s salvation from the cruelty of this world came the rise of humanism, fascism, communism, evolution, secularism…which has led to the Age of the Common Man. Yet, in these promises of equality and justice, man’s solutions led to the death of hundreds of millions of people and introduced not freedom but more bondage. Their offers of salvation for men were but an illusion. The only authentic hope of man’s liberation and salvation is Jesus Christ and the cross.

As God prepares this Age of Humanism for the return of Jesus, it is no coincidence that the false promises of freedom dominate our cultures of learning and religion. It is the ultimate expression of the antichrist and the enslavement of our race in the hope we can become our own gods. We can never save ourselves and the only true freedom from our selves, sin and death is Jesus Christ.

Before Jesus returns, we are seeing the last, frantic act of desperation by Satan and the sons of Adam to stop God’s plan. Our rebellion has reached new heights in the rejection of God and Jesus as the spirit of the antichrist and lawlessness permeates our world. In the last hundred years it has resulted in a billion murders and killings through wars, revolutions, poverty, abortion,
the spread of sexual disease, religious and political persecution, terrorism…All in the illusion of setting us free.

The KING is COMING. Do you know the signs of the true Christmas message? We know the signs of our culture’s lustful commercialism of Christmas, but do we see with the eyes of the Spirit? The prophetic word is being stirred throughout the world. Do you have ears to hear? Let us gather in worship and prayer to receive God’s word for our day and be ready for His return, preparing a people for Jesus to come as KING of kings.

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