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Fresh Revelation for Us

November 26, 2013 | By | No Comments

I always get excited when I discover new insight in Scripture, when I believe the Holy Spirit has given me fresh revelation. As I studied this morning I was looking at IISamuel when David becomes king of Israel. In chapter 7:18-29, David prays a prayer that has to be connected to the prayer we have been studying in John 17, Jesus’ prayer of new beginnings. The connection between David and Jesus are well known. Jesus’ prayer is a fulfillment of David’s prayer in the continuation and establishment of covenant with God.

David prays with thanksgiving for all God has done in his life and his house/family by exalting him to be king and establishing His covenant with David forever. He recounts God’s love for Israel and how He redeemed Israel for Himself. He then prays that God’s name will be exalted in the house of Israel. He closes by asking God’s blessing on David’s house forever.

Jesus is the fulfillment of that prayer. The new covenant establishes the seed of David, Jesus, on the throne forever. The new covenant is secured by Jesus and His sacrifice. God’s purpose for Israel and all peoples is sealed in Jesus Christ. God’s redemption is secured in Jesus. God the Father and Jesus are glorified. The blessings that David prayed for are guaranteed in Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ prayer parallels David’s prayer as David prays at the beginning of his kingship, covenant, and purpose, so Jesus prays as He begins His kingship, covenant, and purpose at the cross. Both are prayers of new beginnings in the plan of God for the redemption of first Israel, then in Jesus for all people. Jesus’ prayer proclaims God’s glory, purpose in His people, and the fulfillment of the eternal covenant. Jesus is now the new KING of Israel and all the earth as promised to David by God that His seed will sit on the throne forever.

It serves us well to study both prayers and see God’s hand in David, then in Jesus. Nothing in the Bible is without purpose. Thus, as we have a new beginning, as we go to prayer, we should be led by the Spirit in knowing and expressing our covenant promise, God’s glory and purpose in our new beginning, praying with thankful hearts, and believing the favor of God is on us to be one, to know God’s love and glory, so that all the world will know Jesus Christ is the Savior of God.

Oh Lord, God,
We thank you we are your covenant people, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, established in covenant with You, in oneness, love, and glory. You have saved us for Your purpose to go into the world as Jesus went and then sent His disciples as You sent Your Son. May we fulfill Your purpose and plan to exalt Your Name and the Name of Jesus to the ends of the earth. May we know and protect Your oneness in us so Your glory and love will be in our hearts. May we know Your blessings in the fullness of the covenant promises. May we rejoice in Your goodness and the Presence of Your glory.
We praise You and thank You that in the wonder of Your grace we are Your own special people.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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