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Jesus is King

December 13, 2013 | By | No Comments

Jesus was born to be a KING…King of the Jews, King of the Gentiles, King over creation…He is the King of love, the King of holiness, the King of righteousness…Jesus is the Prince of Peace…He is the King over our hearts and lives…He is the King over God’s spiritual kingdom…He is King with absolute authority, power, and reign…He is the Servant King. He is the King Who lays down His life for His people…He is the soon coming King Who will destroy all the works of Satan, sin and death…He will rule over heaven and earth for all eternity. There will ultimately be only One King. He is the KING OF kings and LORD OF lords. He is the King over my life and your life…

So, what does it mean for Jesus to be King of my life? Unlike earthly kings, Jesus is a Servant, the anointed Servant of God, Who leads His people by serving His Father and serving His people. Worldly shepherds guard their sheep, but also eat their sheep. This Shepherd leads and guides us, but He dies for us. Unlike even the best of kings on earth, Jesus is incorruptible and sinless, thus He never abuses His authority and power, but in His kingdom there is true justice and righteousness. He is always faithful and never acts out of selfishness, but does the will of His Father.

Therefore, Jesus is the King I can trust and give my life to serve. I yield my all to Him in complete love, devotion, and loyalty. I seek Him to learn how to love, serve, and live under His kingship. I have been forgiven of my rebellion against Him and His Father. So, I must be taught the values, truth, and character of what it means to live in His kingdom…what pleases Him and His Father. I learn to put aside my selfish ambitions and desires to live like Him. I also come to realize He will forgive me when I fail and continue to sin. His forgiveness is unlimited. Under Him I live in freedom and liberty.

Thus, I serve Him with a love and passion that is zealous for Him and His kingdom. I must learn to temper this powerful desire to exalt my King, because it can turn people away from Him. That is why love for Jesus and His people and His enemies is so vital. He has entrusted me with authority and power, I must learn not to abuse it, but to always honor and glorify Him.

Jesus is the KING and He is not like any other. He woos men and womens’ hearts with such love and compassion that we willingly give Him our heart. We owe Him everything, for He has given us everything that is of eternal value and importance. Is it no wonder we celebrate His birth with love and joy, with praise and adoration, with gifts and treasures that are the best for the Master. For this King Whom we serve is also our friend and brother. We reign with Him in the heavenlies and will be rulers with him as kings and priests forever in His coming kingdom.

So, let us fall on our knees, let us worship King Jesus, let us serve Him with hearts on fire with love, purity and power for His honor and glory, that in the next life He will honor us with a paradise without end. In Him we know true life and what eternity really will be. No more tears or sorrow, suffering or death…no more curse or brokenness, but beauty and freedom, life and blessings forever in the glory of His Presence with our Father. Yes, let us shout His praises from the mountain tops and whisper of His love in the deep valleys of life. Jesus is KING.

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