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  • The harvest among the nations.


    Blake, in conjunction with Delbert Groves and New Life Center in Kitwe, Zambia, has for the past nine years traveled to Zambia to help plant churches, raise leaders and do evangelistic outreach. Now we have a new generation in love with Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and trained in ministry, who are eager to plant churches and evangelize Zambia and the surrounding nations.

    kanyamaBlake was recently appointed as Coordinator of Evangelism for the Probationary Conference of Zambia of the Methodist Church. Now the goal is to send out these young leaders to plant churches and take the nation for Christ.

    We need volunteers for mission trips and funds to help plant and reap a great harvest. We have three trips planned for Zambia this year: April 9-21, one in August, and one in October.


    As Blake has traveled the globe for the past 27 years in evangelism he has seen hundreds of thousands come to Christ in Haiti, Cuba, Guatemala, Ukraine, China, Israel, and Zambia. His messages have been broadcast across the world to reap a harvest in many of the island and mission nations of the world.

    Recently through the international story of taking in a Muslim who fell in love with Jesus and fled for her life, Blake and Beverly were able to share the Gospel and return of Jesus to millions of nonbelievers around the world. Stories came in as far away as Egypt that thousands came to faith.

    Blake is open to go to any nation that God opens the door to share about Jesus.

  • The harvest among the church.

    Blake is actively involved with leaders in the worship and prayer movement across the world to cry out day and night for God’s glory to bring in a mighty end time harvest and to see Orlando and our nation restored to Christ.

    Blake has trained thousands in witnessing and evangelism. He has written his own workbook on evangelism and discipleship. He has recently started a new training class on the Five Great Truths of Christianity vs. the Five False teachings of Islam. He has a workbook and witnessing brochure available and will go train in other churches.

    He has written, “Visits to the Gate of Heaven.” This is an evangelist’s cry for revival in our land, especially in the church. It records his personal encounter with Jesus Christ and countless experiences of the move of the Holy Spirit in reaching a lost generation.

    Blake is passionate and called to awaken the church to prepare for the return of Christ and will go to churches to preach and teach on this urgent subject. He has written a workbook on the imminent return of Jesus.

    With his wife Beverly, he hosted a weekly television show on the return of Christ.

    Global Harvest is called to support and send leaders to the church and nations to prepare for Jesus’ return.

  • The harvest in Israel.

    Blake has a great love for Israel. He has gone on two mission trips to Israel where he and his team had miraculous encounters with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the return of the Messiah. He is intimately involve with Ezra International, which works with the return of Jews from the four corners of the earth to Israel. Blake is eager to go back to Israel and continue to do his part in the preparation of the Jews for their salvation in the return of Jesus.