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Jesus came to reveal the nature and character of God to us. His life gives us the truth and insight into Who God is. How important is this? If one does not have a correct view of God then one’s life can be ruined, create misery, and ultimately lead one to destruction and hell. If I have an improper understanding of God it can cause me to live in needless fear, beat myself up with guilt and shame, miss the beautiful love and intimacy God offers to me as a free gift… Read More


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Repeatedly in Scripture, we are reminded that God is the God of the second chance.  In Mark 14, as Jesus pours out His heart to the disciples and institutes the new covenant, He tells them they will stumble and be scattered.  Peter will deny Him three times and verse 50 states that they all forsook Him and fled when He was arrested.  They failed Him.  They deserted Him in the greatest time of His need.  It does not say much for the courage and character of the disciples.  Most leaders would have given up on such followers.  Yet, Jesus does not. Read More