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One of Jesus’ strongest messages to us is: Don’t give up on yourself.  Peter fails Jesus time and again, but Jesus never gives up on Peter.  The same goes for John and James and all the disciples.  They never gave up.  The only one who gave up on himself was Judas.  God’s word teaches me that even Judas could have been forgiven and used of God.

Jesus came to reconcile us to God, to reveal the One true God, and to get His message out to the entire world.  Therefore, Jesus has need of you.  So, no matter what you have done or what you have suffered, DON’T GIVE UP!  Jesus has need of you. Read More


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Jesus came to confront evil and sin in all its forms.  He called us to repent and believe in Him:  To repent of our rebellion against God and our prideful sins that break the laws of God; to trust in Him for our forgiveness and reconciliation with God; to receive a new life in Him for eternity.  He went throughout Israel bringing conviction and offering the love of God to all who would turn from their sin.  He challenged the ignorance, racism, prejudice, wickedness…of men and women of His day and then commanded His followers to go to the whole world and do likewise.

One of the great sins of our day is racism.  Read More


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Jesus came to reveal the nature and character of God to us. His life gives us the truth and insight into Who God is. How important is this? If one does not have a correct view of God then one’s life can be ruined, create misery, and ultimately lead one to destruction and hell. If I have an improper understanding of God it can cause me to live in needless fear, beat myself up with guilt and shame, miss the beautiful love and intimacy God offers to me as a free gift… Read More


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In Luke 11 Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray.  First, He gives them a model of how and what to pray.  It is intimate, God centered, inclusive of every aspect of our lives, especially those things that are of the highest value.  It is honest and expresses what is in one’s heart in relationship to God and others.  It reveals one’s dependence on God. Read More


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One of the most inspiring sections of Scripture begins in Luke 3:21 and continues through chapter 4.  Jesus is baptized, the heavens open, the Holy Spirit descends upon Him, and His Father declares He is His beloved Son, in Whom He is well pleased.  Then the genealogy of Jesus is given connecting Him to David, Abraham, Adam, and as the Son of God.  Chapter 4 begins Luke’s emphasis on Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  He is filled with the Holy Spirit, led by the Spirit, returns in the power of the Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord is upon Him, and He is anointed by the Spirit to preach, heal, proclaim liberty, recovery of sight, set at liberty the oppressed… Read More


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Repeatedly in Scripture, we are reminded that God is the God of the second chance.  In Mark 14, as Jesus pours out His heart to the disciples and institutes the new covenant, He tells them they will stumble and be scattered.  Peter will deny Him three times and verse 50 states that they all forsook Him and fled when He was arrested.  They failed Him.  They deserted Him in the greatest time of His need.  It does not say much for the courage and character of the disciples.  Most leaders would have given up on such followers.  Yet, Jesus does not. Read More


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As Jesus prepares to enter Jerusalem, He instructs His disciples to get a donkey, for “The Lord has need of it.”  It is a strange story, except the donkey is necessary for Jesus to fulfill the prophesy of God’s King entering Jerusalem on a donkey.  Yet, when you study it in the context of the chapter you realize how insightful it is.  “The Lord has need of it.”  Jesus has need of you and need of His people. Read More


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This past week we looked at Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew.  Today, I want to study Jesus in Mark chapter one.  In verse one, Jesus is called the Son of God.  I wonder how many people really take that truth seriously, that Jesus is the Son of God.  If it is true, which it is, then He is the most important Person to have ever lived and is to be the most important Person in our lives.  We should build our lives around Jesus and learn how to live from Him.  He created us. Read More


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Jesus is the King Who rides into Jerusalem on a donkey, hailed as the Son of David.  He is the cleanser of the temple, healer of the sick, and receiver of worship.  His authority is questioned and He confronts the religious leaders with their wickedness.  He is the parable teacher.  He is tested by the doubters.  He knows the truth and proclaims the heart of life – to love God with all one’s heart…love one’s neighbor.  Read More


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I find great comfort in knowing Jesus, Who He is and what He came to do and does today.  In Matthew when John the Baptist has his disciples ask Jesus, Are You the One?, this begins a series of revelations as to Who Jesus is, what He came to do and why He is Who He declares Himself to be through His actions and teachings. Read More