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This past week we looked at Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew.  Today, I want to study Jesus in Mark chapter one.  In verse one, Jesus is called the Son of God.  I wonder how many people really take that truth seriously, that Jesus is the Son of God.  If it is true, which it is, then He is the most important Person to have ever lived and is to be the most important Person in our lives.  We should build our lives around Jesus and learn how to live from Him.  He created us. Read More


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I find great comfort in knowing Jesus, Who He is and what He came to do and does today.  In Matthew when John the Baptist has his disciples ask Jesus, Are You the One?, this begins a series of revelations as to Who Jesus is, what He came to do and why He is Who He declares Himself to be through His actions and teachings. Read More


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The last prophet to speak to God’s people in the Old Testament is Malachi.  They have returned from the Babylonian captivity to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, to be restored as God’s people.  You would think they would need to hear more of God’s words, but this is their last message before Jesus the Messiah comes 450 years later.  Malachi’s word of the Lord reenforces God’s word to His people over the last 1000 years, I will send My anointed One, My Servant, to bring salvation.  Both the first and second coming of Christ are mentioned.  He reminds God’s people of the covenant and their failure to fulfill the covenant because of their sinful lifestyles and idolatry.  Thus they are warned of judgment. Read More