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I learned a valuable lesson the other day while trying to replace two broken bicycle petals.  They were worn out and needed to be replaced, so I set about the task of unscrewing them, so I could put on two new ones.  I started on the right side and found it had corroded onto the shaft the petal was screwed into.  I used all my strength, but could not budge the threaded part of the petal.  I sprayed it with oil to loosen it, but that did not help.  Finally, I locked on a wrench and took a hammer and whacked the wrench, but it remained tight.

I began to pray, rather than cuss.  God You are going to have to loosen this thread.  I whacked the wrench with the hammer and it pooped off and hit me above the eye.  No blood.  Okay, let me hit the wrench again.  The hammer glanced off the wrench and whacked me on the flat bone on my hand.  Ouch!  That really hurt.  I have hit my thumb before, but that did not compare with how that felt when the hammer struck my hand.  Nothing broken.  I better pray harder before I curse.

Beverly suggested I take the bike to a garage where they could loosen the bolt.   Smart, but now my manhood was challenged. It was the petal or me.  No outside help required, except supernatural.  I put the wrench back on and as best I could, swung that hammer and to my amazement the bolt came loose.  Nothing to it, I thought!

Now for the left side.  I foolishly thought the wrench and hammer would work again.  So, I put on the wrench and hit it with the hammer.  Look out!  The wrench flew off across the porch headed for the neighbor’s window next door.  The wrench had become a flying missile.  Fortunately, it hit the gutter right above the window and flipped up into the gutter.  So, I got a fishing pole and fished it out of the gutter into my hand.

I kept hammering away at the wrench and not one iota of movement.  I was sweating, praying, but not yet cussing.  This left side was impossible.  Finally, I told Beverly I was going to take the other bike and go riding to get rid of some of my frustration and anger.  She wanted to go. Okay, I can ride the bike with one good petal. She could take the other good bike.  We went off on a beautiful ride.  It was tough keeping up, with only one good petal, but I was relaxing and enjoying the ride as I contemplated how I was going to get this bolt off.

We rode pass some men working on building a house.  They were Haitians.  I have always had a good relationship with Haitians, so I thought I will stop and ask their advise and help.  They were more than gracious.  I said you guys are a lot stronger than me, maybe you can loosen the bolt.  Then it hit me.  The bolt was on the left side and would unscrew the opposite of the right side.  I had been trying to loosen the bolt the wrong way.  No matter how hard I had tried I never would have gotten that bolt off.   I was going the wrong way.

I told the Haitians this and said I probably have ratcheted it so tight we may never get it off.  Well, one of them got a vise grip and I held down the bike.  This guy was little but strong.  His first try, nothing.  I began to shout the name of Jesus.  One of them joined in.  I began to pray in tongues and low and behold he twisted it loose.

Lesson learned.  You can try all day as hard as you want, but if you are going about it the wrong way, you will never succeed.  In life, God has His ways and if you go against His truth and principles, you will never succeed.  Do it His way and you will find your ride is a lot easier with two new petals.  Thank you Jesus!

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