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The Power of Repentance

November 27, 2013 | By | No Comments

One of the most dramatic stories in the Bible is that of David’s sin with Bathsheba. David is at the height of his power as king over Israel. He should be at peace and content with the blessings of God as the study of his prayer in IISamuel expressed to us yesterday. He has with God and man everything a person could want. Yet, he falls into terrible sin. He wallows in the mire of sin for a year. Then God sends his prophet to confront him of his sins. The beauty of the story is David repents and gets right with God.

There are seasons in all of our lives that needs the power of repentance. When God confronts us with our sinful wanderings, whether they are as serious as David or not even that major, but we have fallen away from the path of righteousness. We need to awaken from our spiritual slumber. So, God confronts us. The problem is most people do not have a heart like David. They are more like Saul.

When David is confronted he is broken and repentant. He loves God so much he cannot bear to lose the intimacy and love he knows with God. Saul on the other hand has never developed that tender heart with God. He knows God, but his heart is about Saul. He deflects God’s call to repent. He is not drawn back to God by his love, but remains in his sin because of his blind and selfish pride.

David’s love and intimacy with God is restored, but he still suffers the major consequences of his sin. Saul loses everything. He does not return to God and he dies in his sin.

Some of my most precious moments with God have been when I have heard His voice say come back to Jesus. His voice awakens me to my sinful wanderings. His Spirit convicts me of how I have let the things of my flesh and the world seduce me away from my deep intimacy with God. When I awaken to His love, I see so clearly how I have departed from His path and need to humbly repent and come back to Him. It is all about Jesus. For me, no other words can describe that moment of understanding that not everything has been about Jesus, but I see so clearly it has been about me. I simply need to return completely to Jesus. That means my heart has been awakened to the things of God. By His grace I put away the things of the flesh.

The power of repentance, as we talked of last Sunday, is one of the most effective spiritual weapons we have. May we use it to His glory, have hearts that are tender to the call of God, develop an intimacy with God like David, and receive His conviction in order to release the power of repentance in our lives. Come back to Jesus in full surrender. That is the beauty of God’s forgiveness in His covenant with us.

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