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The Soon Coming Age of Christ and His Reign

December 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

Out of the darkness of the Middle Ages came the light of the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. Thus began the cry for the liberation of man, to end oppression and injustice, to stop the cruelty of man against man, and to see all men equal in the eyes of the law. This was a beautiful but hard fought battle that produced the Industrial Age and man’s answer to the enslavement of his fellow man. The fire of this age forged the thoughts of men on how we could be set free. So, came Marx’s communism and socialism, Darwin’s evolution, the advancement of science and medicine to liberate us from toil and disease…We saw the Age of the Common Man arise from these battles. Man could rule himself. We had no more need of kings.

Yet, we discovered they were illusions with good intent, the salvation of man from the oppression of government, ignorance, poverty, disease, economic constraint, and even freedom from the gods or God. As the twentieth century unfolded these illusions wrought terror and havoc upon the human race. Wars, revolutions, persecution came from nationalism, communism, fascism, the misuse of science to kill hundreds of millions of babies, the spread of fatal disease, pushing us even to the brink of atomic annihilation. As we survived and thought ourselves on the verge of conquest new evils arose in terrorism and secular humanism, the education state and the rejection of truth.

We have discovered that there is no true freedom except in Jesus Christ and the cross. The Age of Man is the last desperate attempt of Satan and humanity to rebel against God and His Son Jesus Christ. As God foretold thousands of years ago this day would come rapidly and accelerate in the last days. The antichrist spirit would spread. Christians would be martyred by the millions. In the midst of this persecution, the end time revival would sweep the earth before the return of Christ. The KING would come again to save His people and judge those who rejected Him and His holiness. Israel would reappear as a nation, born in a day. The beast would arise with his false prophet. Babylon would imprison the nations in its web of greed, lust, economic prosperity, and false religion. The Age of Man would finally appear to have won the day.

However, in God’s everlasting love, He would not leave man to suffer in the ultimate injustice and enslavement at the hand of Satan. Sin and Death would not be triumphant. Jesus would return in authority and power to vanquish all evil and rebellion against God and avenge His martyrs. Love would win and everyone of the world system would lose in the judgment fires of hell. Jesus will establish Himself as King and reign in Jerusalem. All the nations of the earth will come and worship Him.

The Age of Christ and the kingdom of God is coming. The Age of Man in rebellion against God will be destroyed. This will usher in a new heaven and earth where man will live in the freedom God created him to enjoy. No more pain, sorrow, suffering or death. Tears and the curse of sin will be no more. We will live in the Light of His glory forever and ever. The signs of His return are all around us. So, look up for your redemption draws near. This Advent Season prepare for the Coming King of Glory, Jesus Christ. No longer the new born King, but the Risen and all powerful King of heaven and earth!

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