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The Supernatural Season

December 9, 2013 | By | No Comments

I am always fascinated when I read and meditate on the story of Jesus’ birth. It is an humble tale full of the supernatural. When you read the Gospel of Matthew’s account you are told of numerous prophesies fulfilled, angels, the work of the Holy Spirit, dreams and visions, God giving us victory over our sins, the spiritual kingdom of God breaking forth into our world, and what I love best, Immanuel, God with us.

God became a man, the new Adam, to tabernacle with His people. Think of that, God is with us! Despite the suffering and tragedies of life, God is with us. He dwelt among the Jews as Jesus 2000 years ago. Today He dwells with us and in us as the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul reminds us that nothing can separate us from God and His love. NOTHING! Even when we feel He is not with us, He is. Even when we sin He remains with us. Even when we have failed, He will never leave us, nor forsake us. I need that reassurance daily!

The story of Jesus’ birth reminds me also, that even though we live in the natural, temporary world, our lives are full of the supernatural. Angels touch us and guard us. They still bring God’s messages of good tidings and hope. God continues to speak to us in dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit leads us, empowers us, transforms us, teaches us…the spiritual kingdom of God permeates our world with His truth, His plan of redemption, and the spiritual dynamic of good and evil constantly draw us into conflict with Satan and his demons.

As Shakespeare wrote, we are in a play, God’s play, and we have the script, the Bible, and all creation is watching the mystery of God unfold as the story of Jesus spreads across the earth. We are the players, intricately involved in God’s drama for the souls of mankind. Millions are cheering us on as we run this epic race for the upward call of God’s most treasured possession, our restoration and resurrection to the next age to come of everlasting life.

We need to play our part well, according to God’s lines, not our own. He has written His Word in the Word and on our hearts. We long to perform for Him, to please Him, and love and obey Him. He abides in us and with us to coach us along the way. It is the greatest adventure anyone can take part. It is like the Hallelujah Chorus being sung and God and His angels are standing before us captivated and inspired by our Holy Spirit roles being played out before the return of Jesus Christ.

Let us see ourselves in the Christmas story. Christ birthed in us, alive in us, being led by the Spirit, guided away from the attacks of Satan through dreams and visions, by His Word, to fulfill His plan of salvation that not one soul should perish, but all come to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. This season is about Jesus and the redemption of the human race. Let us sing with the angels and rejoice with them as we join them in proclaiming peace on earth, good tidings to men. The glory of God does fill us and inspire us. It shines for all the world to see Jesus in us, Immanuel!

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